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Entry Requirements and Liability

Tour de Ramsau/Dachstein

By entering the competition, the participant accepts the event’s entry requirements.

By participating in the Tour de Ramsau/Dachstein, the participant accepts the FIS-rules without exception. Non-compliance with the rules will result in disqualification. Each participant must observe the regulations of the organiser and those assigned to the race organisation. The organiser reserves the right to expel participants who conduct themselves inappropriately, and in such case the participant is not entitled to claims of any nature. Accompanying runners are not permitted.

There are food and drink stalls along the course. Waste can be disposed of at these stations. It is forbidden to dispose of waste outside of these areas and doing so will result in disqualification and removal from the event by the organiser.

Please listen carefully to the speaker’s announcements prior to the race start; the announcer will give final information about the race course, and about possible changes or dangers.

By paying the entry fee, the participant accepts the organiser’s entry requirements. Participation is at one’s own risk and responsibility.

An authorised race official will trail the field. The organiser and approved staff can remove participants from the race if they are clearly not going to reach the checkpoint in time.

The participant declares to have sufficiently trained for the Tour de Ramsau/Dachstein, and is confirmed physically fit by a medical professional. Every participant is responsible for their own liability and accidental insurance.

Every participant is, by civil and criminal law, responsible for damage to persons or property, or financial loss, and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the organiser and its staff from any civil and criminal responsibility.

The organiser and its staff disclaim liability for all kinds of accidents and arising claims, on the part of the participants as well as of third parties. The organiser is not liable for damages and for lost objects.

The organiser has the right, for whatever reason, but in particular in case of bad weather conditions or other unforeseen events, to shorten or to change the race course. Respective changes will be announced by the speaker. In case of danger, the event can be cancelled or interrupted by the authorities. Should the race course be changed or shortened, or the race be cancelled or interrupted, there is no entitlement to a refund of the entry fee nor to any other compensation. It is up to the organiser whether to accept the entry registrations or not, or to expel a participant from the event at any time.

With the competition entry, the participant consents that...

  • … personal data and address details are electronically saved and processed and that they may be published
  • … the organiser – or partners assigned by the organiser – is allowed to do interviews, take photos, shoot videos and TV recordings, and is allowed to use these unreservedly and unlimited as to time.
  • … address details may be used for promotional purposes and can be forwarded to sponsors

With the competition entry, the participant confirms that ...

  • … the bib number will not be altered, in particular when it comes to the advertising text.
  • … the bib number may not be passed on, any participant with a passed-on bib number will be disqualified.
  • … name, year of birth, place of residence, and team are true and accurate.

The organiser keeps the right to alter the entry requirements. All official changes and announcements will be published at www.tour-de-ramsau.com.  Possible changes will be posted at the bib-issue station and on information boards. These will be valid and binding.


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